Goal 1

GOAL1_healthyEating_iconMake healthy eating accessible, tasty, and fun: We will work with our owners and customers to promote practical and effortless solutions that will improve the way our community eats.

Connecting neighbors in need with healthy food

In addition to selling healthful food, Weaver Street Market provides healthy food to neighbors in need through our Community Food Partnerships.

In the first half of 2015, shoppers donated an astonishing $65,000, which WSM leveraged into $130,000 of healthy food donations by using our buying power and supplier connections. We partnered with TABLE to provide 2,800 food backpacks to children in their summer program and with PORCH to provide 1,000 boxes of produce to refugee families. This fall we will partner with Orange Congregations in Mission (OCIM) and Interfaith Council for Social Services (IFC)  to provide fresh fruit for their food banks.

By raising funds and providing logistical support to source, package, and transport, WSM frees up these organizations to serve more clients. By focusing on fresh food and produce, we extend the benefits of healthy food to those who could not otherwise afford it.  To learn more about our Community Food Partnerships, read our feature story.

Apple sampleEncouraging kids to eat more fruit

This fall, our produce staff will be encouraging children to try a variety of fruits by offering free fruit. We will experiment with providing kids with fruit in three ways:

1.  See a kid, give ‘m fruit
Our produce staff will engage customers with children and offer them a free piece of fruit of their choice.

2.  Sample the “fruit of the day”
We will sample the fruit of the day, chosen from the ripest and most delicious seasonal offerings.

3.  Free fruit station
We will keep a selection of washed and ready fruit available for customers with children in our “Free Fruit Station” with an explanation of the free fruit program.

Keeping organic and natural foods affordable

WSM is focused on keeping healthy food affordable. We don’t have the buying power of big grocery chains, so we need to find other ways to keep food costs affordable.

Pricey brand-name organic groceries can be out of reach for low-income and fixed-income families. To make organic products more accessible to all our shoppers, our stores will soon carry a large selection of Field Day organic groceries. These products are priced 25% to 50% lower than their brand-name counterparts.

We currently leverage the Food House facility to buy directly from a few producers and distribute to our stores ourselves. By being our own wholesaler, we can cut 10-20% off the price and gain access to small regional producers who are ignored by the big wholesalers. We are looking into getting more warehouse space and logistics software, so that we can buy more products direct.

We make about 25% of our food ourselves in our Food House, which enables us to provide tasty food at affordable prices. You are invited to come see our Food House in action during the Co-op Fair on September 20.