Letter from the Board

What Difference Does WSM Make in Our Community?

From the Weaver Street Market Board of Directors

This annual report showcases some of WSM’s many accomplishments this year and our exciting plans for the future. These accomplishments and plans are driven by a Board policy called the Ends statement, which states WSM’s desired impact. WSM’s current overarching Ends statement is a “vibrant sustainable commercial center.”  This has been our Ends for 15 years and has guided us to where we are today.

The Board has been considering updating the Ends to reflect our progress and our expanded aspirations for the future. A number of themes emerged as the Board discussed updating the Ends:

    WSM transforms the food system not only by selling food but by influencing the larger food system from grower to producer to consumer.
    WSM builds community wealth through shared economics, shared community, and shared knowledge.
    WSM is a shining example of a thriving, community-owned business focused on the community good.
    WSM serves current owners as well as potential owners, including an expanding community in the Triangle who want the kind of experience that WSM has brought to downtown Carrboro, Hillsborough, and Southern Village.
    There is renewed interest in the cooperative business model as a way to accomplish community good.

The Board’s discussions culminated in a new working draft of the Ends that conveys what WSM is committed to accomplish:

How the updated Ends would translate operationally

The diagram below provides a sense of how the updated Ends would be translated operationally and how results would be measured.  This is from the General Manager, whose job it is to develop a plan and budget to accomplish the Ends.

Draft updated Ends with updated operational definitions and scorecard

Owners, what do you think?

The Board wants to know what you think about the draft Ends and about management’s draft operational definitions and scorecard indicators. There are two ways to provide feedback:

    Take our online survey. (The survey period has ended on October 7, 2015).  We thank you for your valuable feedback.
•    Talk to us in person at the Co-op Fair.

Other new Board policies

Updating the Ends is the final piece of an update to the entire set of Board policies. The other sections are a) Board Process Policies (how the Board organizes itself to do its work); b) Management Limitations (how the Board controls the means used by management); and c) Board-Management Relations (how the Board delegates and holds management accountable). The Board plans to put the updated policies in effect in November after it gets feedback from owners about the Ends policy and feedback from staff on corresponding changes to the employee policy manual. The updated policies can be viewed here.

The Weaver Street Market Board of Directors is Curt Brinkmeyer (worker owner), Lisa Best (consumer owner), Dave Bright, Linda Stier, Jon MacDonald (worker owner), Barbara Keith (consumer owner), and Ruffin Slater.