Coop Fair Details

BrickWallSushi Demonstration – Do you dream of sushi?  Watch the art of sushi preparation.

Meat and Seafood Demonstration – See how artisan deli meats are prepared and enjoy the aroma of freshly smoked sockeye salmon.FHmapICONprepfoodsPrepared Foods Demonstration – You will learn to make really great pizza–FAST! (Hands-on experience)

FHmapICONbreadBread Demonstration – Learn the process of what it takes to make fantastic bagels.

FHmapICONpastryPastry Demonstration – We hope you love eclairs! Filling and dipping is your next assignment. (Hands-on experience)

Election – Meet the candidates and vote! To learn more click here.

Co-op Plan – Learn about what co-op is doing, and about our future plans and goals.

Local Taste – Here you’ll be able to meet some of our local producers and try their superior products. Learn also about co-op to co-op wines.

To view the Weaver Street Market Food House Map, click here.