Alicia Altmueller

Describe your occupation and community involvement. I have worked for over twenty five years in building community programs in the areas of health, technology, human rights and the environment. Since moving to North Carolina nearly ten years ago, my professional experience has including working at a research center at UNC and a local nonprofit. At the university, I worked to bring together community and university partnerships including in the area of food justice. That position was followed by a non-profit supporting children with life challenging medical condition. Each role had commonalities – building community programs through leadership, development and outreach. My community involvement includes of a variety of causes and organizations. I have continually volunteered with organizations such as: Chapel Hill Carrboro Public Schools, Book Harvest, Judea Reform Congregation and Weaver Street Market. My involvement is closely tied to working alongside my family toward just causes such as food insecurity, public schools and equality.

CO Casual AliciaWhy do you want to serve on the Board of Directors? l strongly believe in Weaver Street Market’s values and mission toward a shared community, knowledge and economy. When choosing a North Carolina location to move my family, Weaver Street Market was part of that decision. Ten years later, Weaver Street Market is even more central to our lives than expected. It is a destination as a family when we have a weekend breakfast in Carrboro after a bike ride. It is a meeting location in Southern Village when planning a program or a drink after a walk at the Hillsborough river walk. Weaver Street Market has enriched this community and my family’s lives greatly. I want to serve on the Board of Directors as a way to give back and support Weaver Street Market as it continues to develop and grow. I believe my work and community experience will complement the efforts of the board. I want to help ensure Weaver Street Market’s pivotal role in the communities it serves.

What experience do you have with the Weaver Street Market, cooperatives or small community-minded businesses? Growing up, my parents were small business owners. I spent many years working behind a counter of their store or working on the development and ultimate sale of a business. These experiences made deep impressions on my life; always leading me to support small businesses as part of the survival of the community. Though my work ranged, I always looked to programs that had a local impact. While in New York, I ran a nonprofit technology consulting service for four years that reached nonprofits and small businesses throughout the region. The goal was to help the foundation of their work, in order for them to continue with their mission. When we moved here, I immediately looked to ways to get involved in my community and Weaver Street Market was one avenue. Having experience in development and grant reviews, I became active in the Cooperative Community Fund (CCF). I have reviewed CCF grants for four years and this past year helped to refine the program.

What experience, skills or perspective will you bring to the Board? Dedicating over 25 years of nonprofit, small business and community work, makes me a strong match for the Board of Weaver Street Market. With a variety of skills ranging from building programs, grant development and organizational relationship building and strengthening I believe I can make a significant and valuable contribution as a Board Member. My years of community work will help me to be a supportive and constructive team member. Combining these skills and being a dedicated Weaver Street Market consumer owner, I would bring a perspective to the table that would genuinely seek to help ensure the mission of Weaver Street Market.

Include anything else about yourself that you may like others to know. When not at Weaver Street Market, I can be found at my multigenerational home with my husband, parents, two daughters and a pet frog named Harry. I might be in the kitchen creating something new with my daughter, Miriam; I might be “upcycling” with my other daughter, Klara or I might be walking with my husband, Stephan. When I am not working and alone, I can be found in in our courtyard creating an entirely edible garden.